Walker’s Legacy, Women Who Enterprise, Rochester

Walker’s Legacy, Women Who Enterprise, Rochester
Business Description

Walker's Legacy Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Walker's Legacy, a digital media platform for multicultural women in business. The foundation is inspired by the philanthropic legacy of Madam C. J. Walker and her cause of female economic empowerment, funded through the success of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Walker’s Legacy Foundation exists to enhance the livelihood and economic quality and equality of low-income women by providing programming focused on improving financial literacy & financial empowerment. We equip women-led, micro-enterprises through entrepreneurship training and business development programming.

Walker’s Legacy Foundation's mission is to provide a solid base of entrepreneurial, financial, and professional support to improve the economic equality and entrepreneurial prosperity of multicultural women. We encourage you to learn more about our national programs, their impact and consider supporting the foundation today.
Women Who Enterprise is the first-tier of accelerators offered which cover the fundamentals of building a solid business base. The 3-month accelerated business training program utilizes a structured curriculum, a virtual cohort model, and expert lectures to aid aspiring and existing businesswomen of color in their pursuit of advancing their business operations and access to funding.
Successful students will graduate from the program with a business plan, certificate of completion, and deep exposure to the principles of managing a business.

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