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TIM Makeup Co.
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Twin sisters, Deborah and Deanna created the TIM™ Makeup Technique and Universal Makeup Kit after teaching women their techniques for over 30 years.

Deborah's background as a portrait drawing artist enabled her to see the effect that makeup products can have on a woman's features so that they are defined, not masked, or recreated to look like something they are not. She discovered that there are only 4 makeup application techniques that have the biggest impact on the face.

Deanna's background as a department store Cosmetic Counter Manager trained with some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. It was during that time that she realized that these companies use our insecurities to sell us products that we don't need. So together with Deborah, they created The TIM™ Universal Makeup Kit with only 6 products! (That's all you need!)

“TIM” is an acronym for “This Is Me.” At TIM™ Makeup Company, we believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day and we are so excited to share our 4 simple makeup techniques with you! These 4 techniques only take 5 minutes and require just 6 products.

The result... a natural look that allows people to see YOU, not your makeup.

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3025 Monroe Ave (Suite 103) Rochester, NY
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