SalCo Design Boutique and Events

SalCo Design Boutique and Events
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Our Vision is all about New People, New Products, and New Places
We are a small family company, our five year plan never had anything to do with being crafty and doing things that we enjoyed (so we thought). The more we thought about it and in theory it sounded great but I was worried about how this would effect our son, his mommy being busy working when he was used to having my undivided attention 24/7 (this is just the first time mom guilt...I KNOW I KNOW lol) , but people kept telling us all the time you need to start your own business you are so creative. After setting that idea to the side for a while and the good ole Corona Virus kicked in, we decided what the heck lets do this. Now we are not just decorating and making things for our sons parties but we also do some decorating for other family members parties. During this crazy/ scary time we are in, any healthy outlet that can keep you from going coocoo and going stir-crazy is a positive. We are lucky enough that we truly enjoy making each and everything that we sell.... and there is a lot of thought and love that goes into each and everything that we make. SalCo Design is truly a mixture of the 3 of us, from the hands and feet to the name .This Company is built from the love we have for each other along with the love we have for making these items. However family based was the most important piece, that was our goal. SalCo Design was truly inspired by our son. He is the biggest blessing in our live After being in business for 2 years we decided to tackle on a new adventure and that is SalCo Events which is our coordinating/ Party Planning Business in our first year dong this we have locked down 3 sold out shows for this fall. We are even more excited to see how 2023 unfolds

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