In Situ Designs NY (Native Landscaping)

In Situ Designs NY (Native Landscaping)
Business Description

In Situ Designs NY is owned and operated by Whitney Carleton, a passionate botanist and career restoration specialist, who will help you landscape your yard to support the bevy of life it can when you plant with native ecology and conservation in mind.
“In Situ” literally translates to "in place," but in landscape design, it means so much more. Sometimes used to mean "in the field," at In Situ Designs we will help you recreate a natural landscape in your yard that is reminiscent of something you could stumble upon in nature.

In Situ Designs NY is here to help you on the level that meets your needs- consultations give you plant lists so you can source and install a landscaping project on your own, full installations from start to finish, and educational courses to help you understand why what you plant at home truly matters in the Greater Rochester landscape.

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