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Hello beautiful souls! I am a Mental and Emotional Health Hypnotist, specializing in interactive techniques such as regression work, emotional energy clearing, and sometimes spiritual realm work as well. With Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology and Counseling and prior work in schools and mental health facilities, I had a variety of mental health experiences prior to entering the Hypnosis field. While the Interactive Hypnosis I specialize in is along the lines of traditional mental health work, the techniques are entirely different. We work in a partnership rather than expert-patient roles common in many therapy settings. We work primarily with your higher self and subconscious mind, where all experiences, emotions, and personal “data” is stored. We can get to the root cause of many mental, emotional, and even physical issues as long as you are open and really ready for a change. I can assist you on your healing journey primarily or in conjunction with other healing modalities. Whatever works best for you.

I’m entering my 5th year in private practice and I’ve loved every minute of this work with my clients! With Interactive Hypnosis, no two sessions are ever the same. Every session is a new adventure in self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Each session starts with a relaxation exercise, followed by simple techniques to fill the body with positive energy and block unwanted energies, and then into whatever your intended work for the day is. When you work at the subconscious level and/or higher realms of existence, you can potentially gain any information you seek depending only on your openness to receiving that information. Anything from skin and body issues to miscarriages and unexplained deaths can be asked and answered through work with the subconscious and/or higher self in the spiritual realms.

*Disclaimer - Hypnosis is not appropriate for anyone actively experiencing delusional states, with hearing loss, or seizure disorders without consultation with your medical provider. Come start your own personal adventure in healing, understanding, and empowerment when you’re ready!

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Brighton Campus Park, 2024 West Henrietta Rd., Rochester NY
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