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Launched out of The Commissary in downtown Rochester's Sibley building in 2021. 100% WOC Owned and Operated since day 1. Biscotti Brewers is a specialty bakery that features Gluten Free, Vegan and classic offerings. Biscotti Brewers also offers inspired fare with international flare!
Biscotti Brewer’s mission is to bring an adventure in every bite to each person taking special considerations to people’s dietary restrictions, preferences or values. We promise to bring inventive, thoughtful and culturally respectful food to our community. Balancing tradition with innovation. We aim to teach and learn from others in the most common language we all share; Food.

Our core values include:
-Strong commitment to diversity, not just in product offerings but in hiring make-up, training methods, employee code of conduct and employment policies that account for people of all backgrounds.
-Strong commitment to inclusion. Anyone who walks into our doors, be they employees, customers, delivery people, whomever, should feel respected, welcome and safe.
-High level technical know-how with respect to avoiding cross contamination of allergens. Each employee will be trained on common allergens and will be coached on how to ask our customers about any dietary concerns or restrictions.

Our product offerings:
Biscotti & other cookies
Tarts, Pies and other Pastry
Sandwich bread & sammies
All things above available in GF and vegetarian with some limited vegan offerings.
Selection changes frequently! Click our website link to see what we are cooking today.

Upcoming events:
The Lucky Flea vintage flea market every Sunday starting May 30th until June 27th.
Brick and Mortar opening fall 2022.

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250 East Main St
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