Beth Russell, PhD, LCSW

Beth Russell, PhD, LCSW
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I work with women to increase their self-awareness, self-compassion, health, wellness, and overall joy in their lives! I believe in each person's inherent goodness, right to individuality, and uniqueness. Each of us is the keeper of our own life and only we know what is truly best for ourselves. And, we have the power to choose what is best! In the moments of indecision, when we apply love and self-compassion, we have all we need to make a decision. And sometimes, when everything falls apart, that is when perfection can set in.
I work with clients with a variety of mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, sexual health concerns, relationship difficulties, parenting, infertility, postpartum, communication difficulties, low energy, among others. I possess a PhD in Education and Counseling, a Master of Social Work degree, am trained in Intensive Short-Term Psychodynamic Therapy , and am a trained sex therapist.
Therapy's a place to feel safe, be who we are with no excuses needed. Creativity, laughter, and building relationships are what life is about. I use a variety of modalities that are personalized for each client, along with evidence based practice. Life can be difficult, don't go through it alone.

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21 Willow Pond Way, Suite 204 Penfield, NY
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