Interview: saintvegann™ 

How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

saintvegann™ began when i hosted a (successful) plant-based friendsgiving back in 2019. I found myself  in brooklyn, ny – working my butt off to follow the NYC grind (2 jobs, of course!). I went away frequently to LA to visit my best friend, + i decided to bleach an old set that i had. someone tried to buy it off of me in LAX, the looks + the inquiries were planting the idea in my head. I got home from that trip, + saintvegann™ was born.

What does it mean to you to be a Black business owner?

to be Black is something that I have learned as one of my biggest strengths. to be a Black woman is something that is + always will be something to celebrate. Being a Black woman business owner is a dream. standing out + leading in a world that hasn’t always put black women first is a reason alone to be proud. we, as a human race, would be no where without Black culture, so being at the forefront of this industry showing the little girls who look like me that it’s possible? no brainer.

What is your mission for the business?

always giving when we can give. that will forever remain the strongest pillar. I see saintvegann as a stepping stone for many, one that can help you along the plant-based world in a human way, one where you can make purchase that has an impact on a cause greater than you or i, + a community so strong in it’s roots that you’d feel left out if you didn’t give it a try. Saintvegann will become a household name someday.